Cambleu For Photographers

How photographers can benefit from using Cambleu.

Upload, Share and Sell
Photo or Video Albums to Clients

Create an online photo or video album for free and share them with your clients. Save yourself the stress of going back and forth with your client using file sharing apps.
With Cambleu, the following are true:
Client memories (photos and videos) can be watermarked or locked until a photographer receives their payment.
Your clients can select the photos or videos they like from your album with ease.
Your clients can give you the remarks they have of the album/memory created.
Your clients can co-own the memory you create and share it with their friends without uploading it all over again.

Perfect Online Portfolio

Upload up to 100 photos and videos of events in a memory not being forced to select only a few.
See comments and remarks by users.
Share your portfolio on social media.
Get live account analytics.
With Cambleu you can create and share the perfect online portfolio for your business. Cambleu enables you to do the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cambleu free?
When you sign up for Cambleu, you get a free 50mb worth of storage space to do your thing.
Do I lose my memories if my subscription expires?
Memories uploaded to Cambleu are safe and will always be online. This means you can still manage, share and access your memories even without a subsscription.
How is Cambleu better than Instagram, facebook, dropbox or even iCloud?
Those platforms are great for backing up pictures/videos and sharing them. However, with cambleu you do much more than just backup and share.
Can I upload documents on Cambleu?
Yes, you can upload documents on Cambleu.
How secure is Cambleu?
Your memories and personal data are safe and secure. We use only the highest levels of Security, secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption, to ensure that your information is completely protected and secure.
Can I make money using Cambleu?
Yes, Business accounts have features and tools that help them make money from memories uploaded.
How do I know Cambleu is suited for my business?
Kindly reach us via email: or call/whatsapp: +234 708 640 7310 so that we can discuss if Cambleu will be a good fit for you.
What if I have a question not addressed here?
Kindly reach us via email: or call/whatsapp: +234 708 640 7310

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